Dec 02, 2018

Weekend Getaways

How To Plan A Weekend Getaway During The Holidays


For many, the holidays are a relaxing time to regroup and visit family and friends. For others, however, it’s the closing out of one year and preparing for the coming year ahead. That often leaves no room for any real relaxation, save for the few scattered celebratory days throughout the holiday season. It’s during this stretch of time that even a little break is absolutely necessary. For entrepreneurs, business is never closed, so taking a moment to unplug while everyone else is, gives you a moment to hit pause before business booms yet again.


Vacations don’t necessarily require a weeklong planned out itinerary. Sometimes just a few days of downtime are just enough to hit reset, and what better time to do that than during the holiday season? The weekend getaway, if you will, is the perfect time allotted for that mini-break. Here’s how to plan for that quick jaunt before the new year kicks in.


Be strategic with your specific weekend.

If the holidays are of great importance to you, then chances are you won’t be traveling during those designated days. When planning your getaway, choose the weekends in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, making sure there’s no overlap on the actual holidays. For those who prefer to be away during the holidays, there are often last minute deals on actual holiday days (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) and the days right after. The first step is deciding when to leave and when to return.


Choose your climate adventure.

A weekend getaway doesn’t have to be a change in weather. You can live in a colder climate, yet choose to vacation in a snowy cabin in the woods. Or perhaps you’d like to take in a few days at the beach before the snow hits at home. Maybe you live in a warmer climate and would like a few days to wear a sweater. Deciding on your destination begins with how you’d like to feel while you’re there, and your attire for the elements.


Avoid hot spots.

The “hot” doesn’t mean the weather, either. For weekend getaways during the holidays, it’s often wise to choose destinations that aren’t extremely popular. Maybe you’d like a quick trip to Florida, but opt for West Palm Beach over the popular South Beach. The reason being, if everyone has the same idea as you, then your days of relaxation won’t be so relaxing after all. That and prices skyrocket when places are more frequently occupied. Do a little research before deciding on where to travel.


Deals, deals, deals.

Holiday deals aren’t just for televisions and laptops. Many travel sites offer weekend getaway packages that include flights and hotels. If you’re planning on taking a plane to your destination, investigate these deals but also look at last minute flight apps which may offer quick deals. The holidays are expensive enough, so overspending on your weekend getaway may make you less likely to go.


Look beyond hotels.

Since the holidays are congested with travel, many people who live in categorically-described vacation destinations often place their homes on Airbnb sites to make a few quick bucks while they’re away. Further, smaller tourist towns offer bed and breakfasts with equally inexpensive rooms. Explore your options before committing to simply a hotel.


Plan accordingly.

Once your itinerary is set, truly plan to unplug. This is a short time to decompress, and if you can afford it, leave your work devices at home. It’s only a few days, at a time when everyone is seemingly shutting down. Besides, you’ll be busy enough in the new year. Enjoy some time off.


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