Dec 28, 2018

Setting Intentions for the New Year

Set Your New Year’s Intentions Now


At the close of one year and the start of the next, a common practice is the New Year’s resolution. It’s the one promise that people often make—whether it’s to lose a few pounds or finally find that new job. Sometimes the resolutions are set and achieved, other times they’re not, resulting in the same resolution the following year. As an entrepreneur your resolutions are more than just pipe dreams; they’re plans for a course of action.


The idea of setting an intention is often something used in prayerful practices. It’s greater than a wish, as the urgency of achievement is often more desired and required for one’s own betterment. But setting intentions doesn’t always have to be practiced in prayer or meditation. They can be used to create a path to which you can follow for the next 365 days. The difference from a resolution is, instead of simply stating a goal, you provide yourself with real ways to achieve it. Here are the ways to set your intentions for the new year.


Diversify your goals portfolio.

Life is multi-faceted. Regardless of your working around the clock, your life has many layers— including family, friends, personal time for self-care, and of course business. When setting your intentions, have goals for each part of your life. Some parts can have more intentions than others, but be sure to make some milestones for everything. That’s the true key to a well-rounded (and successful) life.


Have a space where your intentions live.

For some it’s a journal, for others a vision board. The key is to dedicate a tangible space to view these intentions that you set and revisit them over the course of the next 12 months. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is real. When something isn’t in your face as a reminder, it often vanishes for better or worse. Don’t let this happen to your goals for the year.


Create reasonable deadlines.

With each intention that you set, there should be a series of dates that are scattered throughout the year, so by the end some success is achieved. The reason why resolutions often fail is that despite making a resolution for an entire year, most people expect the results to happen within the first three months. This often never happens, which is why most resolutions rarely see execution beyond March. If you truly set the intention as a 12-month journey, you won’t be beholden to immediate success. But due to that long timeline, a calendar is vital. Stick with tiny milestones. They add up.


Don’t quit your day dream.

Of course, the goals and intentions you set for the year should always be within reason. However, leave some room for those long-term “crazy” dreams. While your goals within reach should have the most time dedicated to achievement, leave some room for those wacky dreams. Maybe you’re a stockbroker who wants to open a café on the beach for your retirement. Set an intention to visit at least one or two potential destinations within the calendar year. Remember, many entrepreneurs with legendary success stories started as those same day dreams. Anything is possible with a plan.

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