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Russ Zalatimo

R M Zalatimo

True success takes vision and the determination to not only create goals but also see them to completion. For entrepreneur Russ Zalatimo, his dedication to his craft has offered him the opportunity to dream big, win big, and share with others the true secrets to success.

Zalatimo emigrated to the United States at the age of 16. Finishing high school in the States, he attended Purdue University—originally as an Engineering major—but his true calling was elsewhere. “I realized I didn’t want to work with circuits and things that didn’t align with my personality,” he admits, “so I switched majors to Business.” Rushdi Zalatimo graduated top of his class.

With a focus in Accounting and Finance, Zalatimo continued his fascination with numbers that he harbored at a young age. “Since I was a kid, I always had a passion for stocks and investments,” he explains. “I always read books on the subject and participated in competitions for investing money.” Following college graduation, his fervor for business led him to the financial hub of New York City: Wall Street. After working in small investment firms for two years, Zalatimo ultimately started his own.Taking cues from financial heavyweights like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, Zalatimo has forged a career path in the world of finance that most dream about. To date, he has worked with some of the top-tier businesses worldwide, as well as helping companies reach their proverbial next level. “I’m always looking to assist other companies and help them grow,” he says. He is always on the lookout for new endeavors and projects to help lead. Russ Zalatimo, also known as Rushdi Zalatimo, is a top financial consultant in New York City. 

However, your success is only as valuable as the other people you empower, so Zalatimo has made it his other mission to make information on investments and personal finance an accessible goal for everyday individuals. His personal site provides useful information on how to become a power player in the world at large. From tips on leadership, self-help, and growing entrepreneurship, Zalatimo provides the trade secrets to leading a well-rounded life. His quality of life is punctuated with a high-end lifestyle—from travel to food, and fashion. An avid sartorialist with a customized wardrobe, Zalatimo emphasizes how a sense of personal style can move you further in your career. “They say never judge a book by its cover, yet publishers spend thousands on jacket art,” he adds. “There is merit to dressing for the job. It’s more than just looking good. It’s feeling good in the clothes you’re wearing.”

While some view his gestures as informative good deeds, Zalatimo sees it as karma points, balancing his business with philanthropy. A dedicated husband and father of three, Zalatimo is also a soccer coach and community leader/mentor through Jersey City, New Jersey’s youth initiative, as well as working within a number of other charities for the underprivileged. “I love helping people in need, not just with their finances, but helping them with life decisions as well,” he explains of his charity work.

After two decades of working in the financial world, Russ Zalatimo is proof of where the real drive can take you. Not only is he an astute entrepreneur, but he’s also a humanitarian, and that balance has kept Zalatimo winning and helping others to win along with him. “The goal is to maintain a positive aura,” he says, “and I truly believe in paying it forward.”

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