Setting Intentions for the New Year

December 28, 2018

Set Your New Year’s Intentions Now   At the close of one year and the start of the next, a common practice is the New Year’s resolution. It’s the one promise that people often make—whether it’s to lose a few pounds or finally find that new job. Sometimes the resolutions are set and achieved, other times they’re not, resulting in the same resolution the following […]

Role Model: Jeff Bezos

December 18, 2018

Role Models: Jeff Bezos   Role Models is a series dedicated to those individuals who are pushing their passions forward in the world of business and beyond. From well-known figures to everyday success stories, we will highlight their achievements as we work to inspire our everyday lives.   Most people don’t remember their lives before Amazon, as the digital delivery titan has become such an […]

Necessary Tips For Holiday Unplugging

December 10, 2018

Necessary Tips For Holiday Unplugging   For many industries, the weeks in between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day are a slow-moving period. It’s due largely to the number of holidays that land in between that time frame, as both bank holidays and corporate mandated office closings often lead to a pause on all work activities. However, when owning and running your own company, it’s […]

Weekend Getaways

December 2, 2018

How To Plan A Weekend Getaway During The Holidays   For many, the holidays are a relaxing time to regroup and visit family and friends. For others, however, it’s the closing out of one year and preparing for the coming year ahead. That often leaves no room for any real relaxation, save for the few scattered celebratory days throughout the holiday season. It’s during this […]

Anatomy Of a Quote

November 26, 2018

Anatomy Of A Quote In this series we will dissect quotes from well-regarded leaders in various arenas and apply their words to our everyday lives.   The name “Andrew Carnegie” is synonymous with a number of successful endeavors that span centuries in impact. For those not fluent in his long history in business, his name is most often associated with New York City’s Carnegie Hall […]

Gratitude On the Job: 3 Reasons To Give Thanks

November 19, 2018

Gratitude On the Job: 3 Reasons To Give Thanks   The holiday season officially starts this week, bringing families together and exercising expressions of gratitude. But that sense of thankfulness doesn’t always have to be reserved solely for family and friends. As a business owner, you have the opportunity to say “thank you” in a number of ways to the many people who keep your […]

Work Travel

October 29, 2018

5 Ways To Prepare For Work Travel   For some, traveling for work is an exciting opportunity. You’re visiting places you may have never seen before, while networking with brand new people and (sometimes) experiencing whole new cultures. For others, it can be a hindrance—affecting work/life balance especially when it comes to family and friends. There may be pros and cons to work travel, but […]

Planning Executing

October 15, 2018

Are You A Planner Or An Executor? Both Are Vital, Though Execution Is Key   Entrepreneur and author Tim Berry once said, “Good business planning is nine parts execution for every one part strategy.” While for some, that perfect ten may be a different selection of numbers in that formula, the sentiment remains the same. Planning, preparing, strategizing. All of it is important in laying […]