Aug 13, 2018

Watch Highlight: Patek Philippe Nautilus

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By: Russ Zalatimo

Watch Highlight: Patek Philippe Nautilus


A while back, we highlighted the importance of investing in a timepiece that not only does the obvious duty of telling time, but serves as both an investment and conversation piece. Watches are more than their functionality; they are a statement of professionalism and sophistication when selected and worn properly. And it’s true that not all watches are alike; in fact many are fundamentally different and most are stylistically different as well. That’s why it’s important to understand the watch that you’re purchasing and the history behind it. One company with a rich history is Patek Philipe, and their Nautilus series embodies the elements of style.


Formed in 1851, the Swiss watch company was the result of years of founder Antoni Patek originally crafting pocket watches with Franciszek Czapek. Patek later parted ways with Czapek and aligned with Adrien Philippe, who invented the keyless winding mechanism for timepieces. Patek Philippe & Co. was born, constantly innovating how timepieces worked and what their functionalities were. This includes adding stopwatch-like features to everyday watches, along with many other new technologies at a seemingly early time. By 1935, the company jumped across the pond to America. In 1976, the Nautilus series was unveiled in response to crafting a watch that embodied both prestige and sports functions. Today the Patek Philippe Nautilus watches are a hybrid of the same professional meets practical integration that was first created over four decades ago. This watch is both a next level accessory and a history lesson all in one.


For the best selection, our pick is the 5980R – Nautilus in rose gold with the dark brown alligator strap. The octagon-shaped bezel is also available in steel and white gold, though rose gold certainly pairs quite well with the dark brown strap and the black brown dial. The watch still utilizes the self-winding feature that was first introduced when Patek and Philippe first joined forces, along with the stopwatch feature that has remained in tact for decades. There is also a calendar function, another feature that has followed Patek Philippe over the years.


So why the Nautilus? The designer watch is understated in many ways and retains the functional integrity of the Nautilus since it was first unveiled in ’76. However, it is still the epitome of luxury. This is the watch to wear when you want to show you’re a professional who still needs everyday practicalities for your timepiece. Meaning, it’s much more than just a fancy band around your wrist.


Starting at nearly $60,000, it’s truly an investment that will only grow with you over the years. Should you want to invest in a Patek Philippe Nautilus, be sure to research authorized watch dealers in your area for the best possible deal. Make a statement with every flick of the wrist.

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