Sep 26, 2018

The Value Of Planning For Long-Term Success

The Value Of Planning For Long-Term Success


You know the saying: Failure to plan is planning to fail.


It’s a lesson we’re taught since childhood, as even homework is essentially planning for quizzes and exams. But as we continue about our lives in the real world and our schedules jam-pack with responsibilities, it seems as though planning takes a back seat. The reality, though, is that planning grows in value as we do. From our personal lives to our professional, planning is vital to achieve anything and everything that we want in this world. Here are some reasons why you should plan, and how you can start the planning process.


Planning will make you more organized.

Have you ever felt like your life is in total disarray? You’re not alone, as many people lead what could theoretically be described as a constant state of disorganization. When you make plans—and that’s not just for social outings—you are able to see clearly what your life looks like once it’s laid out before you. This will allow you to make room for everything you may need: from work-related activities to even self-care.


Tip: Make use of calendars. This can be an app on your phone or even a day planner. However, tracking your tasks will allow you to schedule your life in a way that’s far more organized than the alternative. You’ll also see in real time just how much you’re dedicating to what when it comes to your everyday life so that you may make necessary changes as needed to include other priorities you may need to fit in.


Planning makes short-term goals more realizable.

This applies to both your work and your personal life. In business, having a map allows you to approach your work with a more analytical eye. You can see certain things that perhaps you would miss if you proceeded with simply “playing it by ear.” From switching careers to creating your own company, a plan will help you get there. On the personal side, you may have goals like weight loss or even relocating to a new city, just waiting to be executed. Having solid plans will make any of these goals turn from dreams to reality.


Tip: Carry a notebook. The front of the notebook can be dedicated to professional goals, and the back dedicated to personal goals. Write them down (in your own handwriting). This helps you to physically manifest the goals in your own words, while also keeping track of them as you go along. Keep taking the notes, creating the tasks, and tracking your progress. You’ll soon see how fast you approach your destination once it’s mapped out right before you.


Planning ensures a better future.
It’s difficult to fathom growing older at times, but when it comes to life changes such as retirement, failure to plan can result in far less relaxing days. The future must be a part of your present, always. Taking the steps now to figure out your retirement plan will make for a far smoother transition into that milestone.


Tip: Hire a financial planner. While your company may have some form of a retirement plan, such as a 401K, having a planner will help you see the finish line even years ahead of the race. They will also assist in other investment opportunities to ensure your money is working for you down the road. The key is to not simply live for the present, especially when it comes to your money. While you’re able and ready to work now, you may not want to be in that position forever, and adequate planning can help you reach that desired result. This will also help with the more difficult aspects of life, like life insurance policies and your estate planning. You’ll not only be helping yourself, but also those you love.

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