Jun 15, 2018

Understanding The Value Of A Work-Life Balance

By: Russ Zalatimo

Building your own business is often an around the clock job. Many times we feel like we want to permanently be “on.” Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week. But when it comes to reaching and achieving goals and milestones, some down time is absolutely vital. This is where a work-life balance is truly required. So what exactly is the real meaning of a work-life balance? While the name itself appears self-explanatory, there’s much more to it. In short, a work-life balance is allocating enough time for your professional needs and your personal needs. Sometimes it’s easy to conflate the two, especially when you’re passionate about your work. Oftentimes just because you love what you do, you fall into the trap of mistaking the “fun” parts of your job with time for yourself. And failing to allot time for yourself can be detrimental to your business. When you’re consumed by your work, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and under-inspired. A division is necessary for many reasons. Here are some ways to reach your own work-life balance.


Give yourself a break.

It’s so easy to look at your watch, see your spare time, and decide that those extra minutes or hours should go directly into your work each day. While dedicating time to your vision is essential, it doesn’t have to dominate your everyday life. When it does, you’re guaranteed a burnout and far less likely to even reach the goals you had in mind. Take some downtime each day to decompress. Whether it’s stepping away from your desk and taking a walk or going to lunch with a friend (NOT a meeting), you’ll appreciate that time spent on yourself and can return to your work with a clear mind.


Don’t isolate yourself.

Your family and friends have probably already adjusted to your entrepreneurial lifestyle, though that doesn’t mean it’s okay to remove yourself from their lives. Show up. Be present. Attend family gatherings and parties with friends. Be invested in their lives and celebrate their personal/professional victories/milestones just as much as you want them to celebrate yours. Just remember: if the business were to cease, it’s your family and your friends who will be there in the end.


Discover interests beyond your career.

If you’re lucky, your professional life will be fueled by your passions. But that can also affect how you take time out. For example, if you work in finance, reading financial publications in your spare time does not qualify as a “break” per se, nor does the aforementioned lunch break that’s also a meeting. Find other interests that you’re passionate about and have absolutely nothing to do with your line of work. Maybe volunteer or take up an intramural sport. The key is to take some time out of your week to distract yourself a bit from your work. Not only will this help you take a break, but it will also allow you to discover other parts of your personality that you may have never explored before.

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R M Zalatimo
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