Oct 20, 2017

Time Management: A Must For Entrepreneurs

By: Russ Zalatimo

When it comes to both starting and running your own business, every minute of the day counts. Entrepreneurs are not only the nucleus of their operations but oftentimes they’re the only person behind the boards. It’s a small price to pay for building an empire, and yet a major reason to adequately manage time. It’s much more than just knowing how to place various activities throughout the day; it’s knowing when and where to place them as well. Here are some tips on how to be a master of time management when your entrepreneurial schedule can be overwhelming.



Theoretically, time management starts here. You won’t know all of your tasks unless they’re laid out right in front of you; you can try to boast the best memory on earth, but tiny obligations can slip through the cracks. That’s why a task list is necessary. Each day, you should have a task list detailing everything that must get done within any given day—from business to personal life. While there are many task list apps available like Asana and Google Keep, it also doesn’t hurt to have the tasks written with a pen and paper as well. The feeling of accomplishment from crossing off a completed task is enough to motivate you to keep going. And don’t be too hard on yourself if all of your tasks aren’t completed; prioritize them if you must.



Whether it’s iCal or Google Calendar, every mobile calendar app has the function for alerts prior to the time of the actual event. Set these alerts as reminders an hour before meetings and even a day or two prior to that. Some apps set them automatically, but this function is an excellent indicator of just how much time you have to complete one task before the next one creeps up on you.



Are you more productive during the day or during evening hours? You probably know the answer, and should pay attention to it as you schedule out your day. If daytime hours are your preferred window to work on your business, then schedule meetings closer to the end of the day. That way you won’t have a meeting during your most productive hours and then return to your desk with less motivation. That works in reverse as well. If your most productive hours are in the evening, schedule lunch meetings instead.



Most entrepreneurs feel as though the grind must be non-stop in order to succeed. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal life. Make it a point to do at least one thing for yourself per day—whether it’s going to the gym, meditating, socializing with some friends, or scheduling family time beyond your daily family interactions. Make it a priority on your task list and try to stick to it. Taking a small break from the hustle can often make you more productive knowing your life isn’t always in the spin cycle all day.



Chances are, you have at least one kind of time management app on your desktop and in your phone, yet you aren’t using it to its fullest capabilities. Whether it’s Slack, Wrike, Trello, or any one of the other countless options out there, each one specializes in something that caters to your personal needs. The key is to utilize the right apps for the right things. Maybe you need more than just an app to lay out your work assignments with deadlines and you need to understand how much time you’re actually dedicating to those assignments. An app like Toggl is great for that. Mind42 and Evernote are two others for placing thoughts and ideas in a multimedia setting; the former creating even “mind maps” for you. The whole point of time management apps are to make your life easier, so if the ones you are using are making things harder, then perhaps a switch is in order. If you’re not using time management apps at all, now is a great time to start.


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