Jul 24, 2018

Suit Up: Stephén Seo Bespoke Suits

By: Russ Zalatimo

It was Ralph Lauren who once said, “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” and there’s so much truth to that. When you’re dressing for the job—any job—it’s important to understand how clothes can transform you. They’re more than just garments on a rack; they’re an extension of who you are and what you’re out to accomplish in the world. It’s a concept that bespoke brand Stephén Seo maintains with every iconic thread that’s stitched to every individual body. Custom suits have made Stephén Seo globally recognized, with everyone from corporate America to Hollywood donning his looks. Just ask the cast of HBO’s Entourage, who wore Stephén Seo for both the series and the film. They’re just a few of the many A-listers that have called upon Seo for their own outfits.


So what makes Stephén Seo different from other brands? Besides being primarily bespoke (“made to order”) with only a small portion of ready to wear, Stephén Seo carefully selects fabrics from all corners of Europe—England, Italy, France, Belgium, and Scotland—from wools to silks. That means inspiration comes from a variety of places, allowing the personality of the individual to come through in their handmade customized suits and other offerings. Detail is vital, especially when each suit is unique to the person wearing it. Tuxedos are another option from the brand, for weddings and other special occasions, along with handmade ties. There are also selections for women, including bespoke cocktail dresses, skirts, and blouses. Plus, both men and women alike can also have a tailored trench coat or overcoat made with 100% Cashmere. It’s a one stop destination for finding both daytime and evening professional/formal wear, made for just your body.


The story of Stephén Seo himself is that he is a former advertising executive whose frequent work trips to London found him fascinated by Savile Row, an area in London’s Mayfair district dedicated solely to bespoke suits. He would frequently purchase those bespoke suits abroad and upon returning home to New York City, he would constantly be complimented on his threads. Starting as a hobby, Stephén designed suits on the side before word of mouth led him to open a small store in Princeton, New Jersey. It later evolved into a design studio, with locations scattered across both New York and New Jersey. Consultations are by appointment only, with each creation averaging about 50 hours from start to finish. Suits vary in prices, though it’s a wise investment for any entrepreneur looking to make a statement with their appearance.


However, it’s more than just investing in a bespoke brand like Stephén Seo for a customized suit that will place you in the ranks of celebrities and top-tier entrepreneurs. It’s understanding that in order to truly allow yourself to shine in every meeting and with every person you encounter, your clothing is just as vital as your personality. And there’s nothing like a tailored fit.

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