Feb 06, 2018

How Seeing Red Is Good For Business

By: Russ Zalatimo


How Seeing Red Is Good For Business

It should come as no surprise that certain colors evoke certain emotions and can lead to significant changes in behavior on the part of both employees and clients. Color psychology is far from a new subject, as businesses often hire occupational psychologists to come into their offices and suggest various changes to their setup. Color is a major factor involved in these changes. While it’s been said that various colors can promote a relaxing environment (earth tones, greens, etc.), there’s something to be said about using colors that stimulate the mind and have you working more efficiently and effectively. That’s where the color red comes into play.


To many, red is merely associated with love, which is far from true. In business, red can be a positive color, signifying energy, excitement, and strength. It can actually make you feel more energetic, stimulating your creativity and boosting productivity. It’s also the color of passion, giving way to the philosophy that you must be passionate about every aspect of the business you are building. The color red is a call to action; it’s a dominant color that is far from relaxed or submissive. Red is an important color to add to your business—from the walls to the logo to your outfit.


Red is even an excellent accent to business attire. Studies have shown that wearing red—whether a red tie, scarf, or other clothing accessory—increases job performance and confidence. Even Olympiads tend to wear red when they want to perform their best and go the distance. Whether you’re attempting to land a new client, give a presentation, or even interview for another position, red is the color to wear.


However, understand the limitations of red, especially when used in excess.


Too much red in an office (such as all red walls) can actually promote anxiety. Think of a matador waving his red cape before a bull. The bull becomes nervous, enraged, and disoriented. While the same isn’t automatically true for red in business, excessive red can reflect anger or danger. You don’t want to create an environment for both employees and clients that is not welcoming and positive. Too much red can do that. On Wall Street, being “in the red” is seen as negative, losing money (the converse is being “in the black”), which can also be a deterrent to clients looking to invest in your company.


When used correctly, though, red is an ideal color for business…as well as a necessary one. The best use of red is in effective moderation. Incorporating it into a logo or typography reflects a mission of positive ambition, showing you’re goal-oriented and consistent. Painting one wall red can produce those same results as well, or merely using the color to accent an office setting. So bring on the red, but much like its use at an intersection, know when to stop.

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