Oct 29, 2017

6 Things to Do Before 6am

By: Russ Zalatimo

The true key to success lies within productivity. Every day, people read books and articles, as well as listen to podcasts and check apps—all of which involve becoming more productive. It’s a phenomenon that can be bettered the moment you start your day. After all, there are 24 usable hours. That doesn’t mean every single one of them must involve working toward your goals, especially when factoring in sleep and downtime. However, there are several common practices that the most successful people complete during the early morning hours that dictate an entire day of productivity. Here are six of them.


Wake Up.

Laura Vanderkam, author of the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast (among others) explained that 90% of the most successful people in the world wake up before 6 AM. Some rise as early as 4 AM. The point is that early risers have an entire day to conquer before losing steam toward the tail end. Most people ease into rest mode at the same time at the end of the day, despite the time they awaken. Doesn’t it make sense to get the most hours in as possible?



Meditation can be an intimidating practice for those whose minds immediately wander off to a vision of someone on the top of a mountain or under a tree in a deep trance. That can be meditative, however, meditation is merely the clearing of the mind from all thoughts and stress. A decluttering, if you will. Most think that meditation is ideal for the moments before bed, and while that’s true, there is an even greater value in meditating as soon as you rise. Your mind is cleared for the day, and so your focus will be sharp. If you can’t sit and chant OM in silence, try a guided imagery podcast or play some ambient music. Anything to clear your head is beneficial.



For those who work strict hours, the complaint is often that there’s no room for a workout. Rising early can allow you to sneak in those 30-60 minutes of exercise before your day gets into gear. This can be a run, some yoga, weights training, even a swim. Exercising first thing in the morning provides a jolt of energy to your body so that you’re charged up for the day ahead. Further, the endorphins released during a workout can keep your mood pleasant as you enter the world. It also keeps you healthy and in shape.


Check In On The World.

A lot can happen during your sleeping hours. News can change, emails can be sent from global clients, friends and family can reach out with much-needed updates. It’s important to start your day early and clear any pressing emails or other communicative responses so you’re not spending half of the day replying to everything you received from the night before. And when it comes to the news, it’s always a good idea to be tuned in—checking on stocks, the status of the world, even the weather. While some say they have no time for the news, here’s a way to make that time.


Map Out Your Day.

Refer to any productivity software, books, or apps and you will find that a pro tip for productivity is to set tasks and accomplish them. Make a list of what your day will entail; this includes any meetings you may have or personal intentions you’d like to set for the day. When it’s laid out in front of you, you’re left with no room to forget anything, and there’s a sense of accomplishment upon completing those tasks. Plus, waking up early to make your list will guarantee that you haven’t missed anything from your morning.


Plot Your Next Move.

Chances are, you have a passion project brewing or a work task that you’ve been putting off. It’s hard to make those hours during the day, and by the time your day ends you may be too exhausted or consumed by personal duties that these important tasks fall by the wayside. Make it a point—even if it’s 15 minutes—to dedicate time to these tasks before your day truly begins. Even if you do this for four days out of your week, you’ve donated an hour more to those projects then you had in weeks prior. There’s no room to complain that you’ve run out of time if you make the time as soon as your day starts.


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